“N’Teajiedd’s LOCKE program was life altering. I learned how to remain connected and strengthened within my faith while also using practical steps to unlock the next level of my growth journey. The sense of connectedness and engagement within this group/community helped propel me forward and kept me hopeful for what is to come. Her leadership, wisdom, love, and compassion give her the tools she need to guide you into learning how to reach your potential.”

Linette V., New York

L.O.C.K.E has empowered me to go forth and pursue all my endeavors, complete every incomplete and tie up every loose end. With L.O.C.K.E there is no such thing as unfinished business. You will get it done.

Charlotte W., New York

N’Teajiedd Alli is an amazing coach. She actively listens and hears what you’re not saying. She helped me delve to the root cause of my situation and assisted me in create goals and enacting them. She held me accountable and challenged me every step of the way. Thank you for helping me connect with the greatest parts of me that I had hidden away.

Juanita T., Georgia

Coming in on the group, I didn’t expect what I received. I am a business owner, but this group tackled personal issues that can have an effect on my business. The group was very interactive and it was amazing to see how each woman was able to push or encourage the other whether with positive affirmations or with resources. Joining with N’Teajiedd will push you past yourself and propel you into your destiny.

Rachel T., New York

I have had the privilege to be both a peer as well as a client to N’Teajiedd over the last year. She is one of the rare coaches that has it all. N’Teajiedd has impeccable morals, unwavering ethics, natural intuition, and Christ-centered spirituality. She has provided me with the utmost in compassion, understanding, gentle nudges, valuable insight, and personal challenges to inspire my growth personally and professionally with a Christ-centered mindset. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life and would highly recommend her to others in need of personal and/or professional coaching.

Anne – Marie Michaelis., Michigan

Natea’s anointing, dedication to and passion for uplifting women was felt throughout our time together. The gift of her presence in our lives throughout those weeks really stirred something within us, and the atmosphere around us. She came prepared each week but also gave space for the conversations and activities to flow organically as the moment called for. The way we all connected even just during the first meeting was special, and the program truly felt like a soft landing during a difficult time in my life. This experience and sharing it with all the other women will forever live in my heart.

Naomi S., New York